What is the Plan? 


For the first time, we can draw up a Neighbourhood Development Plan, for the Parish of Stansted Mountfitchet, setting out what development we want to see - and what we don't. Every resident can be involved in creating the Plan, and we will all have the opportunity to vote on it in a referendum.


If it is endorsed by the District Council, and approved by the Government's Inspector, it will become a legal document that will govern all future planning decisions.


It must be made clear that, a straight "no more homes" attitude will not be accepted


 it must be compatible with the Uttlesford District  Council's Local Plan

We need, therefore, to evolve a sensible, sustainable plan for Stansted's future.


The Stansted Neighbourhood Plan will shape the evolution of the Parish over the next 15 years by meeting the aspirations and needs of the local community.


Our Vision

(note: this is still in draft form ahead of community consultation)


Our aim is to conserve Stansted’s historic character and strong rural identity by ensuring that development in the Parish is sustainable, protects valued landscape features, strengthens a sense of community and

enhances the well being of new and existing residents.  


We want to make sure Stansted Mountfitchet remains a




Who We Are

This is a project run for, and by, the local community. The Stansted Parish Council has the legal responsibility to produce the Plan but the project is being led by the Neighbourhood Plan Strategy Group (NPSG), which is made up entirely of volunteers who live in Stansted. The group has a mix of skills and expertise. Some have lived in Stansted for years, others are relatively new to the village. We are always keen to welcome dedicated volunteers to contribute ideas, gathering data and offering support.



Current NPSG members are:

Simon Thompson (Chair), Alan Dean, David Poole, Geoffrey Sell, John O'Brien,

Katherine Playle, Liz Lake, Maureen Caton, Peter Jones, Raymond Woodcock, . 

Consultants: David Coleman of DAC Planning and Rachel Hogger.



Our objectives 

(note: this is still in draft form ahead of community consultation)


Identify suitable development sites to satisfy the need for new homes in Stansted up to the year of 2033, as required by the Uttlesford District Council's Local Plan.


Locate and phase new development to minimise the impact on the already overburdened road infrastructure of the village. 


Ensure the mix, size and type of new housing meets local needs, including a sufficient supply of affordable housing and preferential access to some new homes for people with a strong local connection.


Require new development to be of a high quality design, built to high sustainability standards and be sympathetic to, and improve on, the look and feel of the Parish.


Ensure that the design and location of new development is resilient to the effects of climate change and flooding.


Protect and enhance our shopping and commercial centres on Cambridge Road and Lower Street to adapt and retain their vitality and diverse character with better, safer, inclusive access and improved parking arrangements.


Protect and enhance the designated village conservation areas, locally listed buildings and their setting.


Protect and enhance public access to the Parish’s open spaces and views, for informal recreational use.


Ensure that any new development protects and enhances the local landscape character, valued nature conservation sites and does not diminish the rich biodiversity of the Parish.


Ensure that the natural environments of the Bourne, Ugley and Stansted Brooks are safeguarded and full attention is taken in respect of flood prevention.


Maintain and improve the present environmental quality of the Parish, minimising noise and air pollution, by preserving the integrity of the Countryside Protection Zone. 


Ensure that community facilities, for example, schools, health and leisure, enhance and safeguard the well being of local residents.


Ensure that the village has indoor and outdoor recreational facilities that meet the needs of young children, teenagers and adults, regardless of ability, and strengthen the sense of community.


Promote existing community groups and encourage the formation of others to promote and support community cohesion.


Support existing businesses, creative industries and home working, and encourage new local employment opportunities for residents.


Lobby Uttlesford District Council to give the Parish Council the opportunity to access Community Infrastructure Levy funding to improve Parish facilities.


Preserve and enhance public transport services to and from the village for residents who do not have use of a car, and encourage walking and cycling.






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