"Knowledge is power", is a well used phrase but, in the context of the Neighbourhood Plan, we wish to encourage residents to obtain a good background knowledge of the environment in which they live, prior to their involvement in the public consultation process. 

This page offers a list, (please see below), of useful sources of information with the aim of enabling this process to be as productive as possible.


                                                     Stansted Parish Council

Parish Council Website  -            - A good source of Community information, including Agenda and Minutes of Parish Coucil meetings and links to other organisations.


Stansted Mountfitchet Community Plan - Published in 2011 after a three year consultation process, in which all residents were asked for their views, through questionaires. The plan was then submitted to Uttlesford District Council as part of their original Local Plan data gathering process.

Click to download:-


The Link Magazine  -            - This is a free, award winning, monthly publication which keeps residents up to date with what's going on in Stansted, including news from the Parish Council, in the "Stansted Network" section. You can also look through archived back copies. 

                                                   Uttlesford District Council            

As a local government organisation there is an immense wealth of data to be found by trawling through a bewildering maze of information. 

Uttlesford District Council (UDC) -             - The Home page is the doorway to the vast library of data.


                                                                                           The Uttlesford Local Plan

Since 2009, the Uttlesford District Council have procrastinated over developing, consulting and finalising a new Local Plan to replace that has been in force since 2005. The new plan was disastrously thrown out at the last hurdle by the Joint Inspectors in 2019. The May 2019 By-elections saw the large Conservative Majority in Uttlesford replaced by a similar size majority of 'Residents For You', (R4U). 

The new administration saw fit not to consult with the joint Inspectors and, after considerable delay and inaction, in April 2020, decided to scrap the draft Local Plan and commence on a new Plan. This, after 8 years of protracted deliberations and failure to maintain a 5-year housing supply has left all communities exposed to indiscriminate planning applications by unscrupulous developers.

This leaves every community in Uttlesford having to rely on an outdated Local Plan in force since 2005.

You can view the 2005 Local Plan here: - 






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