Our Progress

What Process is involved?

It is estimated that a Neighbourhood Plan will be ready to go to Public Consultation in 2020.


It will then have to be submitted to the Uttlesford District Council, to ensure there is no conflict with its Local Plan, and then it has to go before a Government Inspector for approval.

Once the Plan has been approved it will be put to a referendum of all residents in our Parish, for their approval.

It is essential that all take the opportunity to vote and, if the referendum endorses the plan, the Stansted Neighbourhood Plan will become legally binding to all.

It is VITAL that the Stansted Parish community becomes involved as much as possible.



Research, Consultation and Data Gathering


The preparation work is the most lengthy part of the process in which a lot of research of data and fact gathering takes place. We have engaged the help of professional consultants, who are experienced in the workings of local government, to interpret and summarise the information available.


We are fortunate in that the Parish Council published a "Community Plan", after seeking opinion from residents, through questionnaires, in 2011. This is a useful base on which to expand and modify as a planning tool. To view - 


The most difficult and contentious part of the NPSG's work will be to identify those areas to be protected from development and those where development will be acceptable. 

As stated previously,  a "no more homes" stance will not be acceptable.


An online consultation process was set up through 'Survey Monkey' with responses recorded, beginning August 2016 and ending July 2019. The answers and views expressed by respondents are available to view here:-


The analysis of the responses can be viewed here:- 

The first public consultation was conducted during the Christmas Market, Saturday  2nd December 2016. Unfortunately, high winds forced an early closure of the event with our stall tent almost flying away. A series of questions were posed and members of our community were asked to make comments on Post-it notes. Those comments received can be viewed  via this link:- 

The second public consultation events took place in May 2017 and were extensively promoted through the various Social Media groups within the village. This time a series of posters were produced showing draft outlines of possible policies to be included within the the Neighbourhood Plan. Members of the community were asked to indicate their approval by applying coloured stickers to each draft policy.

To view the posters and reactions to them, please follow this link:- 


The announcement of our intention to formulate our Neighbourhood Plan and researchers' names  were published in the September 2015 edition of "The Link".

The August 2015 edition published the first article from Cllr Peter Jones explaining certain aspects of data gathering on the Highways topic.

The October 2015 edition's article was from Liz Lake, a landscape architect, who was seeking residents' views on their favourite aspects of the natural landscape in and around the village. 

The November 2015 edition's article was by John O'Brien who announced the preparation of this website and its aims. 

The December/January 2016 edition's article advertised our first Consultation event at the Christmas Market and outlined Uttlesford District Council's consultation process for its Local plan.

An online consultation questionnaire, via 'Survey Monkey', was launched August 2016 and remained online until July 2019. 


Despite the chaos caused by Uttlesford's decision to scrap its new Local Plan, after 9 wasted years of indecision it has been decided to continue preparing our own Plan.

As at June 2020 we are almost at the point where we shall have our Final Draft Neighbourhood Plan available for publication and ask for comment from members of our community. This are extraordinary times, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We shall have to plan our presentations according to Government edicts. 


The new Plan document will appear here



These will be published on this Website, within the free, award winning magazine, 'The Link', as well as notifications on the Parish Council's  Facebook Page

and  other local Facebook groups 



The Neighbourhood Plan Strategy Group


The NPSG was formed in May 2015 and we have been meeting on a monthly basis. These past five years have not passed without criticism, especially with regard to the length of time taken over its inception. The answers to such criticisms are straightforward and are itemised as follows:

Firstly, we sought training into how to go about formulating, researching and viewing other Neighbourhood Plans in the making. We also learned of the pitfalls, associated with neighbourhood planning, through a presentation by a councillor from Great Dunmow which was experiencing significant issues in drafting its own plan. 

Secondly, we had to seek funding and employ the support from professional consultants to guide us through the processes and help in the drafting and presentation of our documentation, in readiness for public viewing and face to face question and answering.

Thirdly, Stansted Mountfitchet's location and hilly nature, situated in rolling landscape, makes it stand out with its unique rural character and having two vibrant business centres in Cambridge Road and Lower Street. These are valued assets which need to be preserved at all costs.

Finally, the nine years of procrastination and political stagnation within the Uttlesford District Council's own progress over its now defunct Local Plan, with no worthy mention of Stansted Mountfitchet within it, created a need for additional research and care in formulating our policies.

Our Group Members

We have been very fortunate over the past five years to have such great support from people from across the spectrum of our community. 

We wish to take the opportunity to thank the following helpers:

Simon Thompson (Chairman); David Coleman, ( DAC Planning); Rachel Hogger (Consultant);

James Garrett (Consultant); District Councillors Alan Dean and Geoffrey Sell; Sue Belo; 

Maureen Caton; Ruth Clifford; Samantha Dunn; Peter Jones; Trevor Lloyd; John O'Brien;

Katherine Playle; David Poole; David South; Raymond Woodcock.

With special thanks to Liz Lake, for her exhaustive work on the 'Local Green Infrastructure' 






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