With NO Plan our residents are in danger of losing their freedom to enjoy their treasured views,   favourite walking routes and 'Village' life. 

So far, the Draft Uttlesford Local Plan has offered protection against speculative and potential planning applications, (see below), of in excess of 5,500 homes around our village. 

However, the paralysis in governance, caused by the newly elected District Council, has raised the spectre of making this potential into a reality.

The map below indicates - in orange - potential areas for development if no Neighbourhood Plan is adopted. The light green areas show the green belt land which surrounds the southern, western and eastern edges of our village.

However, the Green Belt areas marked "1" have been deemed particularly vulnerable to speculative planning applications.

The area marked "2" is the 'Countryside Protection Zone' in which Burton End was put under threat by the Airport some years ago for parking. Would they try again?

The area marked "3" is already subject to a speculative planning attempt by Bloor Homes which will, if approved, destroy the 'Protected Lane' status of Pennington Lane, (a haven for walkers, cyclists and horse riders),  and open the door to further development expansion northwards. 

(Developers on the Walpole Meadows site have unnecessarily damaged the lane's hedgerows).

The area marked "4" is a new development "Walpole Meadows" nearing completion.


The area marked "5" is a new development "Elms Farm" nearing completion.     


To add to the above issues, caused by the absence of a Neighbourhood Plan, there could be a danger of developments enjoining Elsenham and encroaching on to land administered by Ugley Parish Council.

All areas shown in Orange have been speculatively included as potential new development in the recently withdrawn Draft Local Plan - Will this mean "open house" for future planning applications?

Potential Development.png


This website holds a lot of information, the amount of which will grow during the Plan's development.

It is designed to inform but will allow those visiting this site to find their own levels of involvement.

Ultimately, it will be the residents within the Parish who will vote and decide upon our future.


Please note:- We have tried to provide a mobile friendly format but it will not display on all models.

It will however work well on  tablets




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    St John's Church
    St John's Church

    The principal Parish church set by the Memorial Gardens

    St Mary's Church
    St Mary's Church

    !2th Century church

    View to the North of Stansted
    View to the North of Stansted

    There are many easy walking routes into the countryside

    St John's Church
    St John's Church

    The principal Parish church set by the Memorial Gardens