Area Maps


The blue outline shows the extent of the area which will be affected by the Neighbourhood Plan. The most important neighbour is Stansted Airport which, as we have seen in the past, may seek to expand its operation. We are committed to ensuring that the Neighbourhood Plan provides an extra level of protection from airport expansion.
Environmental Character
Not indicated by the 'Key' symbols is 'Green Belt' land, which is situated to the west and south of the village. The Green Belt also extends to the east of the village up to the M11 but also includes Historic Parkland which was originally part of the Stansted Hall estate. 
Within the village boundary itself there are protected open spaces for recreational use.
You will also note that there are many areas of ancient and important woodland, as well as wild life sites, together with a number of protected, narrow country lanes, within the Designated Neighbourhood Plan Area. These qualities combine to give our Parish a unique countryside feel - an exceptional asset to which we are committed to preserving. 
From the above map you will see that Stansted Mountfitchet is bounded by a 'Countryside Protection Zone', (see topmost arrow), to the East of the M11. This is to safeguard against the expansion of Stansted Airport northwards. The BAA, (previous airport owner), had attempted to take over a large part of this land for the expansion of car parking facilities but failed.
Public Rights of Way (PRoW)
Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. © Crown Copyright Uttlesford District Council Licence No 100018688(2015). Maps produced by Lovell Johns Limited, Oxford, England

The above map shows how easily accessible the surrounding countryside is for both walkers and horse riders. Within the village there are a number of interesting short cuts, known as Twitchells, for pedestrians to quickly connect to the open countryside. It is the Parish Council's aim to protect, enhance and expand this valuable network. It may be possible to adapt some of these routes for cyclists.

Uttlesford Call for Sites December 2015

To avoid confusion the darkened pink areas are potential sites within other parish boundaries.
The above sites, shown in pink, are speculative suggestions for Uttlesford District Council to assess, (received in 2015)
The results of the "Call for Sites" in 2015 had shown a potential for 2,031 homes and just under 500,000 sq metres of industrial development to be built within the Stansted Parish boundary. Since December 2015 further speculative applications have been submitted to Uttlesford raising this potential increase in housing in the Parish to over 5,000 homes.
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This therefore illustrates, with the present 'Developer led' planning process, how important it is to have the protection offered by a Neighbourhood Plan. 
The District Council's Local Plan, if approved, is set to protect individual village communities, such as Stansted Mountfitchet, by adopting the option of building new standalone Garden Communities. If this is rejected then there will be a distinct possibility for village communities to be overrun by speculative development applications.