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It has been created to inform those living within the Parish of Stansted Mountfitchet of the dangers we face from indiscriminate and speculative development and how we may protect ourselves from them, to make our Parish


Why has this website been developed?

Stansted Mountfitchet has seen more than a 30% increase in population over the past 8 years

as well as 212 homes nearing completion. In addition to this we shall face further pressure from over 2,500 homes to be built on the northern edge of Bishop's Stortford and over 500 homes to the east of our village constructed in Elsenham and Henham. These, and new homes being developed to the north at Newport and Clavering, will inevitably bring extra pressure on our already overcrowded and decaying road infrastructure, let alone its accompanying environmental hazards.


Why should we worry about this?

Firstly, we have seen the traffic chaos along Cambridge Road worsen significantly when a new supermarket and a fast food outlet opened their doors. This showed that our infrastructure is under severe pressure and in danger of failing to cope. In November 2016 the Co-op store moved into new premises in Lower Street which has changed the nature of business in Cambridge Road but is still a busy centre with parking remaining an issue.


Secondly, 650+ extra homes in Elsenham will be sure to add to the flow of traffic through Grove Hill and increase congestion along Lower Street at peak periods.


Thirdly, Stansted Mountfitchet is a scheduled stop for the Stansted Express, providing a good rail link into London and to Stansted airport. This could entice commuters living in the north of Bishop's Stortford, and those new residents of outlying communities mentioned above, to use our station facilities, adding pressure on our village roads, through increased traffic flow and need for parking.


Finally, this will inevitably add more pressure on our community by developers seeking to build additional homes in Stansted. 



The purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan is to give local people greater ownership of the plans and policies that affect their local area. The intention is to empower local people to take a proactive role in shaping the future of the areas in which they live. Once in place, the plans will comprise the framework for change in that area for the next fifteen years.

As a community we have the opportunity to gain more influence,


in how and where the village should evolve and grow into the future.


There is one caveat, however, namely: -

That it will have to be compatible with the Uttlesford District Council's Local Plan.


Under the Localism Act 2011 all local authorities, whether Parish or Town Councils, have the right to develop a Neighbourhood Plan.

Government has said that Neighbourhood Planning will help communities to play a greater role in finding creative and imaginative ways to overcome the pressures that development can create for conservation, local services and amenities. It could also help ensure that development is in line with local needs, provides greater public amenity and more certainty for developers. A Neighbourhood Plan would be able to identify the specific site or broad location and influence the form, size, type and design of a new development. 


Through the Localism Act 2011 we, as a community, have the right to develop a Neighbourhood Plan - a shared vision for our neighbourhood that will shape the growth of our local area. It allows us to choose where we want new homes and community facilities, gives us a real say over what these new buildings should look like and what infrastructure is needed to support them, and enable us to have a greater influence over the outcome of future planning applications. Once a plan has been drafted and approved by the District Council, we shall invite everyone to vote on whether or not to accept it.

This website holds a lot of information, the amount of which will grow during the Plan's development.

It is designed to inform but will allow those visiting this site to find their own levels of involvement.

Ultimately, it will be the residents within the Parish who will vote and decide upon our future.


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